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“The most perfect political community is one in which the middle class is in control, and outnumbers both of the other classes.” -Aristotle

Divorce and Family Issues

We invest our time, efforts and life in relationships but somethings are not meant to work out and circumstances force us to take big steps. A divorce is very devastating and heartbreaking and dealing with family issues could be very tough. At this stage, handling things on your own is not easy as you are under immense emotional stress.

Immigration Law

Canada is a wonderful place, beautiful and welcoming and millions of people have started their new lives here and become a key part of this dynamic and hospitable country. Whether you want to migrate here to make this country your new home or look forward to seeking refugee after fleeing your country of origin for any reason.

Real Estate Law

Having complete knowledge of real estate law is imperative to buying, selling and using a property for variety of purposes. We have extensive experience of assisting our clients with the completing of purchase and sale of commercial and residential properties and provide the most trusted legal advice on all matters pertaining to their properties.

Wills, Powers of Attorney

Executing a will and make a power of attorney is a very significant matter that facilitates your family and loved ones handle your personal assets. Using a will, you can nominate a person or people who can distribute your property, come your child’s guardian, and make gifts or inheritances that are legally binding.

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