We invest our time, efforts and life in relationships but somethings are not meant to work out and circumstances force us to take big steps. A divorce is very devastating and heartbreaking and dealing with family issues could be very tough. At this stage, handling things on your own is not easy as you are
under immense emotional stress. Our team of strong, skilled and compassionate lawyers looks after your best interests and handles the harsh realities on your behalf most thoughtfully.

We understand that seeking divorce, setting up separate living arrangements, settling alimony, child support or fighting a custody battle are not pleasant and even turn ugly; plus there are many variables you need to be aware of to get the best relief from family courts in Canada. Chayanika Dutta will deal most comprehensively with your unique situation, offering the best support and legal aid.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Marriage, Separation or Cohabitation Agreements.
  • Divorce.
  • Mediation / Arbitration.
  • Child Custody / Access.
  • Division of Property.
  • Spousal Support.
  • Child Support.

We offer the highest quality legal counsel to the clients; our comprehensive services are client oriented and personalized to help you find solutions to full range of family law issues. We ensure you get the best legal support and assistance in all matters related to family law.

With a strong focus on divorce and family issues, Dutta law is fully equipped to help you find answers to all the legal questions you have in mind from divorce to property division, complex child custody matters to cases of domestic violence and false accusation of abuse to immigration related difficulties. Our team of lawyers are acknowledged as leaders in their field and deal with all types of cases and situations with their skills, experience and drive to win.

Chayanika Dutta has thorough understanding and years of solid experience in family law and strives to bring justice to her clients by emphasizing the process of resolution through negotiation and other methods. However, if situation demand and it is the last resort, we are ready to fight most vigorously to give you the relief you deserve. Our legal team works personally with every client to gain in-depth understanding of the case, explore the options and give them clear advice on likely outcome of the legal strategies. We partner most dedicatedly with our clients and employ the best practices to ensure the most favorable outcomes.